04.08.2022 — me? changing my layout again? impossible. i would never. uhh added a credits page (which has nothing) and im in the process of working on my characters section now..! that one is also a pretty big WIP. still have not started my digital art section aarggh

03.23.2022 — okay. changed the layout ONCE AGAIN... was inspired by this tumblr theme and wanted to make my site look more like a desktop GUI.. probably gonna change it more in the future dB

03.23.2022 — most of the pages have a new layout.. but a few (kandi/perlers/rat temple) still have the old one... probably will update those last since i have to upload pictures for my projects too ~_~

Feb 28, 2022 — uh..? think this is the final major layout change... one sidebar.. links on the header.. lookin spiffy!!!!