Journal Entry
Feb 15th 2022

This journal section is a huge wip, but for my own usge and the amusement of others, i am documenting the changes to my mischief of 10 rats!

When I moved in late January, we also bought another double critter nation, making my cage double-wide! currently, the DCN's are still divided, since I have yet to introduce my newest rescues to my main mischief, but they've been introduced to (and are living with) my two babies, Sunny and Omori!

Sunny and Omori are the only rats i've purchased, I only bought them because they looked ~5-6 weeks old and were being cohabitated with an unaltered male. They were being sold specifically as pet rats, not feeder rats, so I didn't want someone to unknowingly purchase pregnant rats, just to be stuck with 10+ babies.