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welcome to the altar for my rats. those living, and those who have parted ways.

Gaz, a rescued albino lab rat!
from my first pair of rats. they're named after members of the band pendulum. at first, she hated all touch. now, despite being virtually blind, she's always waiting at her favorite perch for me to give her snacks! doesn't always enjoy the others' company, but loves to sleep next to who and dini.

Who, the drama queen!
despite being the largest, he doesn't assert dominace often. he's often rolled over, crying while one of the girls (or dini) grooms him. He really is dramatic, and cries when picked up, but he loves a good scratch behind his ears.

Dini, trouble-maker, he's kind-of a jerk, but he's full of love.
when he's not messing with his brother, he loves to give me kisses, often demands attention when i give it to the other rats. loves to build nests, he likes to take mouthfuls of food and store it in them.

Neon, the 'mom' of the cage.
prior to being rehomed, she was used to breed feeder rats. when the breeder passed, their roomate surrendured them, i then adopted her with 3 of her babies. all 4 of them have rave-themed names!

Nightcore, loves to watch!
she often sits perfectly still, watching me from a corner. she's the most adventurous of the dumbos, she's often found playing on top of the cage, or messing with either of the boys.

Poi, eager for attention.
while poi isn't as pushy as dini, she loves to get into every rat's buisness, often right by nightcore's side! she loves to dig, and kick bedding everywhere in the process!
my girlfriend loves poi for how dopey she looks

to be added: sunny, omori, bingo, bongo...


✝ rob (swire), , 1.2 yrs, albino — jul 6, 2021 ✝
rob was from my first pair of rats along with gaz. despite being identical, she had her own personality! she immediately warmed up to the other 5 rats, never causing trouble. She passed due to a URI.

✝ nitrous, , 6 mo, agouti dumbo — aug 23 2021
nitrous was insanely friendly, the most affectionate of the dumbos. she was almost always licking my fingers, even when i had nothing to offer her! She was being treated for a URI, but suddenly passed despite improving.