The drama queen! despite being the largest, he isn't the most dominant. he's often rolled over, crying while one of the girls (or dini) grooms him. He really is dramatic, and cries when picked up, but he loves a good scratch behind his ears.
Part-time Trouble-maker, used to be a jerk, but he's full of love.
when not messing with his brother, he loves to give me kisses, often demands attention when i give it to the other rats. loves to build nests, he likes to take mouthfuls of food and store it in them.

The 'mom' of the cage! She can be a hardheaded with other rats, but she's hardy, and definitely the most mature of the female rats.
Prior to being rehomed, she was used to breed feeder rats. when the breeder passed, their roomate surrendured her, i then adopted her with 3 of her babies. all 4 of them have rave-themed names!

A feminine dumbo, and one of the most Photogenic! One of my girlfriend's personal favorites. While poi isn't as pushy as dini, she loves to get into every rat's buisness, often right by nightcore's side! She loves to dig, and kick bedding out of the cage in the process!

The cage climber! not to be trusted with the cage doors left open. She will either jump out the bottom cage door, or climb to the top and climb down the back of the cage. Insanely affectionate, eager to stick her head in my mouth and clean my teeth! Along with her sister, she is smaller than the rest of the girls.

Affectionately called "Omrey," she is the quieter sister of Sunny, and is often right by Sunny's side! She's a ruby-eyed himalayan and super calm when held, I met them by happenstance, i went to a local pet store and saw them being sold* with an unaltered male rat. I didn't want someone to unkowingly adopt a potentially pregnant rat, so i bought them girls. Thankfully they were not pregnant.


rob (swire), , 1yr 2mo, albino
jul 6, 2021

Rob was from my first pair of rats along with Gaz, they're named after members of the band Pendulum. They were lab rats surrendered by a university, I know little about their background besides them being used in "behavioral experiments." Despite being identical, she had her own personality! she immediately warmed up to the other rats, especially the boys. She passed due to a URI.

✝ nitrous, , 6 mo, agouti dumbo
aug 23 2021

nitrous was insanely friendly, the most affectionate of the dumbos. she was almost always licking my fingers, even when i had nothing to offer her! She was being treated for a URI, but suddenly passed despite improving.

✝ gaz (mcgrillen), , 1yr 10mo, albino
mar 29, 2022

The identical sister of Rob. Virtually blind like her sister, but always found her favorite perch and was waiting for me by the cage doors. Despite becoming ill with a URI, she recovered, but had chronic respritory issues. She passed due to old-age related illness.

rats that have not yet been added to the past-rats section: DJ, Hero, Nightcore

Welcome To... The Watering Hole

Home to 9 resident rats, the Watering Hole is a 2x-wide Deluxe Critter Nation (also called a Quadruple Critter Nation) rat mansion suited for rats of all ages.

Its open layout provides enrichment and encourages climbing in younger rats, while accomodating older rats with multiple ropes and hammocks to break their falls. (Or in the case of Who, older and clumsy rats.)

The area with the most traffic is the 'Rat Highway' that runs along the bottom cage doors, getting them across the cage quickly through a series of lava ledges which also provide a rough surface to file down their sharp, sharp nails.

the Watering Hole has 8 water bottles across 5 different watering stations, two of the watering stations have bricks that serve as a ledge for the rats to sit on, and during summer provide a cool surface to pancake on.

Each shelf has a litter tray in the back corner, which some rats prefer to store food (and sometimes sleep) in! I use a walnut shell-based cat litter, in my experience, it doesn't stain my rats as much as wheat-based litter has.

To keep the rats entertained, I give them new cardboard boxes every couple of weeks. They really enjoy caprisun boxes, and climbing on foldable drink-containers! A lof of the rats enjoy tearing up containers and paper, so i put crepe paper rolls on top of the cage, they can spend a long time pulling streamers down!

The left half of the cage has a paint-mixing tub installed which is filled with Aspen bedding, which provides a dry digging substrate for them. On the right side of the cage is a 12-gallon storage bin filled with coconut fiber which provides a cool digging spot for them to hang out during warm summer months, in addition to being an easy to wipe down platform for them to rest on!

I like to sew hammocks for the rats, some of their favorites are the tunnel and corner hammocks! You can find many different rat hammock styles here!

  Watering Hole's Amenities 
SmartCat Peek & Play Toy Box
OurPets Sushi Puzzle
3x Kaytee Igloo
2x Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 12"

a lot more to be added...