greetings! welcome to my site. true to my site's name, i am that one fish. i was let loose on the internet several years ago and somehow wound up here today.

more about me:
i'm a southwest-based freelance artist, and art has been a lifelong interest of mine. I started drawing 'furry' content in the early 2010s, being inspired by youtube animations and getting my own deviantArt account!

fish actually isn't a "furry" name. I've gone by fish for over half my life, years before the character fishi was a concept!

likes: King of the Hill*, airplanes/aviation, furry art, fursuit + fursuit construction, sewing, 2000's themes, fancy rats
music: KMFDM, rammstein, bloc party, pendulum, infected mushroom, garbage, interpol, xiu xiu, happy hardcore and other 'core' genres,
games: online virtual worlds (furcadia/Second Life/IMVU), OMORI, toontown rewritten, picross, neopets sakhmet solitaire, DJ hero. so much DJ hero.
programs: clip studio paint, photoshop cs6, animate cc, paint tool sai