• update layout on character pages
  • start character bios
  • start kandi + perler section
  • tidy code/improve loading

Nov 16th, 2022

— I haven't touched this site in awhile.. i'd been busy with IRL obligations and also just having brain issues. 😑 My rat shrine needs some changes, I lost DJ and Hero to old age last month, and also had to euthanize Nightcore this month due to complications with her mammary tumor. It's not all sad though, i've gotten more stuff for The Watering Hole! Including a huge cholla wood branch, a 12-gallon dig box, and more hammocks! Even though the cage is only down to 6 rats currently, there's definitely going to be more to come in the future!

Aug 01, 2022

— more layout changes.. rat shrine has been started and a lot of the major stuff is there.. character pages need layout changes and i still haven't figured out how i want the art zone to look... but its a start! VISIT THE RAT SHRINE!!!

Mar 23, 2022

— okay. changed the layout ONCE AGAIN... was inspired by this tumblr theme and wanted to make my site look more like a desktop GUI.. probably gonna change it more in the future dB

Mar 2, 2022

— most of the pages have a new layout.. but a few (kandi/perlers/rat temple) still have the old one... probably will update those last since i have to upload pictures for my projects too ~_~

Feb 28, 2022

— uh..? think this is the final major layout change... one sidebar.. links on the header.. lookin spiffy!!!!

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